If you ask me what the most complex type of graphic design is, I would have to say Brand Design. After many years in practice, I have satisfied clients with hand-drawn or original vector-drawn logos. I will study and scour the internet to see any likeness I can avoid to ensure I am not designing something similar to another brand. I will dive hours into choosing the right typeset and modifying it or creating a new one altogether.

I started designing logos in 2006 and proud to have logos all over the globe. Some logos never make it to see the light of day; others sadly fade when the business is closed out of my control. Some logos live on and become the cornerstone of the brand.

Consistency in detail, from color selection to material for print collateral, is all equally important.

For the past 4 years, I changed the branding of Microtech Knives as Creative Director and Lead Designer. Every aspect was renewed, from high end boutique cards, modern packaging, web design, and a 200k trade show booth design and build.